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Your business needs fast, safe, and reliable shipping. Delays and damage hurt your bottom line. We offer the fastest transit times, top-notch security, and expert logistics handling. Get a free quote and see the difference.


Sending shipments internationally can be complex and stressful. We navigate customs, regulations, and logistics to deliver your cargo safely and efficiently, anywhere in the world.


Finding the right warehouse can be challenging. You need reliable storage, efficient fulfillment, and a partner who understands your needs. We offer secure, flexible warehouse solutions tailored to your unique requirements. With [your USP], you can optimize your supply chain and focus on growing your business.


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Customs clearance

Import Smoothly with ASN CARGO GH to bypass struggling with expensive and slow customs clearance. Because We offer efficient, affordable solutions and expert guidance to navigate the process smoothly.

international trade

Go Global the Right Way. Expert Guidance from ASN CARGO GH LTD. Unlock new markets and achieve your international growth goals with our strategic guidance and market expertise. We help you navigate the complexities of global trade, from market research to entry strategy.

logistics & Haulage

Navigate Global Logistics with Confidence and Expert Haulage Handling Worldwide. You can focus on your business knowing our team of experts are handling your cargo from beginning to end without any hustle.

sale of empty containers

Finding high-quality empty containers at competitive prices can be challenging. We offer a wide selection of new and used shipping containers for sale, tailored to your specific needs and budget Choose from various sizes, types, and conditions to suit your project.

project cargo management

With ASN CARGO GH LTD. Managing oversized, complex cargo shipments can be a headache. Our experienced project cargo managers handle every detail, from feasibility studies and route planning to permits, insurance, and final delivery..

Extra Services

general construction

Build Your Dreams. Brick by Brick. With ASN CARGO GH We specialize in Residential & Commercial Projects: Homes, offices, retail spaces, and more.

water proof installtion

Expert Waterproofing Installations by ASN CARGO GH LTD. We offer comprehensive waterproofing installation services, ensuring your home or business stays dry and protected.

weldind & fabrication works

AT ASN CARGO GH LTD. Your metal project simmering in your mind; From intricate designs to heavy-duty structures, WE breathe life into your metallic dreams through expert welding and fabrication.

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