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In the bustling heart of the global trade industry, ASN Cargo stands tall – not just by stature, but by a legacy forged over 10 

years of relentless dedication. Since its inception, the company has become synonymous with unwavering efficiency 

and customer-centric service, guiding countless shipments across continents with the precision of a seasoned navigator.

ASN Cargogh’s story is woven with the threads of innovation and adaptation. From humble beginnings, it has grown into a

multifaceted logistics powerhouse, embracing cutting-edge technologies and streamlining processes to ensure every shipment

reaches its destination swiftly  and securely.  Their commitment to excellence has been recognized by the industry, garnering

prestigious awards like [List awards or accreditations], a testament to their unwavering pursuit of quality.  But ASN

Cargogh’s true success lies not in accolades, but in the smiles of satisfied customers.  The company fosters a culture of

]collaboration and open communication,   ensuring each client feels valued and informed throughout the shipping

journey.   Their team of logistics experts – each with a wealth of experience and a passion for problem-solving

– go the extra mile to tailor solutions that meet specific needs and exceed expectations.   Whether navigating complex

regulations, ensuring temperature-controlled transportation,or simply offering expert advice, ASN Cargogh goes above and

beyond. They understand   that every shipment is not just cargo, but a vital piece of their clients’ dreams, ambitions, and

livelihoods. This empathy fuels their drive to deliver peace of mind alongside every package,

building trust and lasting partnerships that span continents and years.  So, the next time your business demands a

logistics partner that prioritizes efficiency, expertise,  and, most importantly, you, look no further than ASN Cargogh.

With their proven track record, innovative approach, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they are the trusted

guides ready to navigate your shipments towards success, wherever their destination may be.

We value our CLIENTS. So, reliability, transparency, and customer centered is what guides our operations.

Our Mission

To draw the world closer to our cherished customers with full support and quality services by providing dedicated staff to meet our client’s satisfaction thus, globally sourcing all range of goods with just in-time deliveries and excellent merchandise.

Our Vision

To be the trusted and preferred international sourcing and logistics agent through a highly supply chain movement in Ghana and beyond.

From The C.E.O

"A top service, really very great. One more star the moment you can be more sure of if the designer is able to communicate and work professionally during design hand over process."
Joseph Martey Solft
CEO of asn cargogh ltd.

Meet Our Team

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  • Global Reach: We handle your shipments anywhere in the world.
  • Multimodal Expertise: Air, sea, land, and specialized cargo solutions.
  • Seamless Experience: Track your shipments in real-time with our online portal.
  • Cost-Effective: Competitive rates and personalized quotes.


Sea Freight
Air Freight
Road Transport
Cargo Handling

Welding and fabrication

We go beyond welding and fabrication, offering services like design assistance, finishing touches, and even on-site work.


Construction and waterproof installation

Uncompromising Quality: From robust materials to meticulous welds, we guarantee durable and long-lasting results that stand the test of tim

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